How many levels are included, and how long is the playtime?
I bought TRI before October 2013, how do I get the new updates?
Is there DRM?
Are there Steam keys when I buy the game via HumbleStore?
How do the triangles in the game work?
Can the player create unlimited tris?
What are the system recommendations/requirements?
What should I do if I experience performance problems?
Am I allowed to monetize Let's Play videos of TRI on YouTube or other video channels?
Where can I find the digital artbook?
The game caused some sort of motion sickness for me. What can I do to prevent that?
Do you have another question, or a suggestion how to improve TRI?
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TRI is a game by Rat King Entertainment, i.e. Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch, made with Unity3D, coffee and mild confusion. The music was composed by KingLudi.
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