How many levels are included, and how long is the playtime?
I bought TRI before October 2013, how do I get the new updates?
Is there DRM?
Are there Steam keys when I buy the game via the Humble Store widget?
What happened to TRI on Desura?
How do the triangles in the game work?
Can the player create unlimited tris?
What are the system recommendations/requirements?
What should I do if I experience performance problems?
Am I allowed to monetize Let's Play videos of TRI on YouTube or other video channels?
Where can I find the digital artbook?
The game caused some sort of motion sickness for me. What can I do to prevent that?
Do you have another question, or a suggestion how to improve TRI?
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TRI is a game by Rat King Entertainment, i.e. Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch, made with Unity3D, coffee, mild confusion and the help of Rising Star Games. The music was composed by KingLudi.
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